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Helena DPC members enjoy primary care services with access to comprehensive exams, select lab services, and affordable medication and imaging rates.

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Jacob Cail, PA-C

Jacob Cail, PA-C

Direct Primary Care Membership
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What is Direct Primary Care?

Whether in the office, at-home, or through telemedicine, experience prompt healthcare visits designed to meet your unique needs.


Direct Primary Care

Unlike “traditional” primary care, the direct primary care model of medicine focuses...


Direct Primary Care for Businesses

Small businesses face persistent challenges when it comes to health insurance and healthcare...

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Kid friendly care
Helena Direct Primary Care
The direct primary care model empowers doctors and patients, cultivating a reliable, personal connection that improves care quality and redefines the healthcare experience.

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Unlock Personalized Healthcare with Our Membership-Based Model

At Helena Direct Primary Care, we offer businesses, individuals and families exclusive access to a wide array of primary care services customized to their specific needs. By eliminating insurance complexities, our members enjoy transparent and cost-effective healthcare solutions, including extended office visits, preventive care, chronic disease management, and convenient telemedicine options. Embrace the advantages of a strong patient-doctor relationship, prompt appointments, and a caring approach to your well-being through our Helena Direct Primary Care membership.

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