Tailored Membership Programs to Meet Your Needs

At Helena Direct Primary Care, our membership options are designed with you, your family, and your business in mind. Experience the following benefits with each program.

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Employer Group Discounts

Employer groups of 4+ members can get full memberships for their employees at a discounted $60/month per employee rate. Contact us for more information about offering this benefit to your team.

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Membership Services

Unlimited Primary Care

$75 Per Month*

  • Unlimited provider visits
  • Rapid testing
  • Minor procedures
  • Medications dispensed in clinic
  • Add children for $50/each
  • At cost laboratory testing and imaging
  • Free on-call contact with provider 24/7
  • Telehealth and home visit availablity
  • Self-scheduling options
  • Free monthly newsletter

*$50 one-time registration fee
per adult membership

Walk-in Service

Non-members Welcome

$85 Per Visit

  • History of present illness/injury
  • Focused physical exam
  • Any necessary in-clinic procedures
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Wholesale cost of diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing

Primary Care

Within the direct primary care model, most routine medical examinations, treatments, and services are covered by the membership dues.


Laboratory Testing and Imaging

Applies to send-out labs, including rapid testing, blood/serum testing, urine testing, and the best negotiated rates for diagnostic imaging.


In-Clinic Prescriptions

Many prescriptions we can fill in-clinic so you can skip the trip to the pharmacy.