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In adding up yearly costs of copayments, visit fees, facility fees and deductibles—those totals could (and very often do) surpass the yearly membership fee for direct primary care. Even if you choose to carry insurance (and having catastrophic insurance is highly recommended), chances are that for any given year the membership cost will total less than your insurance deductible.

The short answer is no. We do not believe that insurance companies should dictate care or cost. This is fundamental to the direct primary care model. In opting out of traditional third-party insurance systems, we are able to offer better patient experiences as well as wholesale prices on medications, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory testing.

You do not need to carry a health insurance policy; however, it is highly recommended that you carry some type of catastrophic insurance. Though our medical expertise is robust, we cannot deny that in some cases a higher echelon of care is needed--catastrophic insurance and/or maintaining a health savings account is critical in the event of emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and certain specialty referrals. Notably, membership in Helena Direct Primary Care is not health insurance.

Unfortunately, no. There is proposed legislation to change this, but at this time, the government does not allow membership fees to be paid by HSAs. Any fee incurred outside of the clinic for imaging, labs, or specialty service can utilize your HSA.

For enrolled members we are happy to see your children. There is a discounted price as well. We offer $50 Monthly Membership Fee for Children. This applies to children of enrolled adult members. All services granted adults is included for children.

Absolutely. Whether in the office, through telemedicine, or over the phone, we will accommodate your schedule as best as possible. Unrivaled access to care is a hallmark of direct primary care. In fact, for established members we also offer home visits if needed/desired. Our goal is to customize the care we provide to you.